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This outstanding detail data set is one of the most extensive ever made, shows accurate detail of every single part of the aircraft and additionally windows in dark gray , shadowed effect and the 500 version.

det005B                  L-1011 tristar scale 1/200                      € 10.00

det005                 L-1011 tristar scale 1/144                  € 13.00

det005                 L-1011 tristar scale 1/100                  € 20.00

certified mail extra fee: additional payment for certified mail, highliy  recommented for South America and mandatory Russia and former States

Lookheed L-1011 Tristar detail set             part 2 corogard set

det005 -coroguard              L-1011 tristar coroguard                                scale 1/144                            € 10.00

det005 -coroguard              L-1011 tristar coroguard                                scale 1/100                              € 15.00

det005 -coroguard              L-1011 tristar coroguard                                scale 1/200                              € 8.00

The coroguard completes the detail set, the details included in this set shows the real data of the aircraft and inprove the aircraft kit appearance