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The touristic Airline Aerocondor operates different Aircraft in line and charter national traffic in Perú, The Fokker 50 and Fokker 27 together with the An-24  forms the pillar of the fleet for the regional traffic, the regular network is operated by three B737-200 using the new blue-red scheme. The 737-200 Set offers the necessary markings to built one of the three aircraft with full detail data.

aec003             Aerocondor B737-200 plus detail                  scale 1/144                                 € 12.00

The decal set of the F-27 showing this very colorful and original markings includes full aircraft and engine data, windows and winshields, boots and stencils. Two options of this decal are offered, one with the full tail art and a second with only the white logos if you prefer to paint the tail by yourself.

 aec001      Aerocondor F-27                      scale 1/144                                                             € 9.00

decal on the Doyusha Fokker F-27 1/144 for testing (not complete)

Aerocondor uses a single Fokker F-50 on Airline duties operating destinations all around Perú with this versatile aircraft. The set has been designed for the  Welsh-Models kit. a second set  also include white decals part  if you want to paint the tail by yourself.

aec002   Aerocondor                   F-50                  scale 1/144                                           € 9.00

decal on the Welsh models 1/144 vacuform kit for testing