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More Austrian products from the “calcomanias suramericanas”!

aua013             Austrian B767-300 with special Titles                  scale 1/144                € 14.00

aua012             Austrian F-100 with Skyteam special titles                   scale 1/144                 € 13.00

aua011                             Lauda  BAC1-11                                 scale 1/144                    € 10.00

aua004             Austrian airlines B737-700/800                       scale 1/144                € 13.00

aua005             Austrian airlines B777-200                       scale 1/144                € 15.00

aua006                   Lauda  B777-200                              scale 1/144                 € 16.00

aua007                     Lauda  CRJs                                scale 1/144                    € 13.00

aua010                     Lauda B737-700-800                               scale 1/144                    € 14.00

aua010                     Lauda Fokker F-27                            scale 1/144                    € 12.00

aua is celebrating its 50 years of existence with a beautiful “retro” jet. a creation of the new southamerican brand, “calcomanias suramericanas”

aua003             Austrian airlines special A320 “retro”                     scale 1/144                 € 10.00

aua002           Austrian airlines F-100 special “fussball” scheme               scale 1/144                 € 15.00

Austrian has painted one of its Airbuses for the european 2008 soccer competition.

aua001           Austrian airlines A320 special “fussball” scheme              scale 1/144                € 15.00

test photo on the revell kit

Amerer Air, the austrian Freighter feeder with the nice 10th anniversary eagle sticker F-27

amr001     Amerer Air F-27 with special anniversary sticker                 scale 1/144                 € 10.00

The starAlliance B767-300 saga, with optional  company logos, two different  window and door configuration and markings data for every single aircraft . choice to built two of ten aircraft available

star002      Star alliance B767-300 with complete data and company logos     scale 1/144  € 17.00

star003                          Star alliance F-100                                 scale 1/144                                 € 10.00

Austrian airlines A-320 ”Bregenzer Wald“ with star alliance special colors

sta001     Austrianairlines in Star alliance colors with textured windows        1/144         € 10.00

sta001 Austrianairlines in Star alliance colors without windows- fit exactly the Revell kit  1/144 €10.00

Niki Lauda strikes again! this time with his new Fly Niki Airbuses two decal sets are provided for the revell A320/321including complete windows set and doors.


fnk001                               Flyniky320                                        scale 1/144                               €  10.00


fnk002                               Flyniky321                                        scale 1/144                               €  11.00