The Airline after Sabena,The new belgian national airline “SN Brussel Airlines”, initially two sets new in the catalogue, The Avros collection including complete registrations and “all” special markings used by these aircraft with the necessary decals to build one of the company´s RJ100 or RJ85, and the Airbus A-319, both sets include white parts for tail logo, underground and registrations.

snb001       Avroline Collection with all special markings       1/144                    € 14.00

snb002                               SN Brussels Airlines A-319                              1/144                     € 12.00

SN brussel ailines has been renamed to “Brussels Airlines” and show a new scheme with three dimensional finish logo art, the decals offers also white undergrounds to avoid transparency.

snb003                 Brussels Airlines new scheme with white parts       1/144                    € 12.00

The SN Brussels airlines new Avroliners color scheme for the RJ85 or RJ 100

snb004   Brussels Airlines avros new scheme with white parts inc publicity logos  1/144          € 14.00

The SN Brussels airlines B737-300 and 400 in the new color scheme

snb005     Brussels AirlinesB737-300 and 400 new scheme with white parts       1/144          € 14.00

The the SN brussels airlines “publicity-Avros”, the set provide all four logos and necessary detail to complete two aircraft, one RJ-100 and one RJ-85 with all four logo options

snb006   Brussels Airlines avros publicity Avros including all logos                1/144                 € 14.00

The long range ship of the SN brussels airlines, the A330-300 with its new colors

snb007   Brussels Airlines A330-300 with the new color scheme                 1/144                 € 17.00

short living international freighter company in Belgium

cgb001                         Cargo B B747-200F                           1/144                                       € 13.00

continuing the Condor/ Thomas Cook saga, the ice watch logo jet

 thc001                       TC Ice Watch logo jet                        1/144                                        € 13.00

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