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one of the newest Aerosur schemes el “Potro”

aes007                     B-737-300 “Potro”                   scale 1/144                   € 13.00

die new phantastic new Aerosur Jumbos! new super decal series!

aes005               B-747-400 Super Torísimo              scale 1/144                  € 20.00

aes006                       B-747-300 torisimo                       scale 1/144                  € 20.00

the latest addition in the aerosur Fleet, the B737-300 with the amazing alligator scheme!

aes003               B-737-300 with special “alligator” scheme               scale 1/144                 € 13.00

The Bolivian Commuter, The Fokker F-27, offering two different cheatlines options and two REG

lab002                         Fokker F-27  (old scheme)            scale 1/144 and 72                  

order in 1/144 € 12.00

order in 1/72 € 16.00

The Aerosur “long” range ship, the B757-200 with detail update

aes004       Aerosur B757-200 with detail update                    scale 1/144th                        € 13.00

Aerosur short lived Baes 146-100/200s with detail update and all registrations

aes002           Bae 146 100/200 mit detail update and textured windows            scale 1/144         € 12.00

The venerable Boeing 707 in its initial freighter colors in the service of LAB with cargo doors, full engine data and aircraft stencils detail and data to build one of the two 707 operated by this company.

lab003                       Boeing 707cargo (old scheme)                  scale 1/144                    €12.00

decal preview on the Minicraft 707 for testing

The workhorse of the bolivian national airline, the 727 has been operated during decades out of one of the highest airports of the world (el alto, la Paz) with excellents results, LAB uses both versions the shorter 100 version in combi freight passenger mixed configutarion and the streched 200 for medium range and high density routes. We offer four decal sets to built your favorite 727 in the older or final “Vasp” scheme with full data of aircraft detail  and registrations.

Option # 1, 727-100 older scheme with large(initial) or smaller (later) tail logo and sidecargo door

lab004       Boeing 727-100 initial colors with two tail logo options       scale 1/144          € 12.00

Option # 2, 727-200 older scheme with large(initial) or smaller (later) tail logo

lab005           Boeing 727-200     initial colors with two tail logo options      1/144               € 12.00

Airfix Kit

Minicraft Kit

Option # 3, 727-100 latest ”Vasp“ type scheme and 75th anniversary diamond logo option for the CP-861

lab006         Boeing 727-200  initial colors with two tail logo options    scale 1/144       € 12.00

Option # 4, 727-200 latest ”Vasp” colors

lab007   LAB 727-200 Late “Vasp” scheme for the Airfix and Minicraft kits  scale 1/144      €  12.00

Airfix Kit

Minicraft Kit

decals on the Airfix 727-200 for testing

The AeroSur B737-200 with complete tail art including and textured windows, aluminium metal parts for windows and complete detail set are also included.

aes001           B-737-200 standard scheme with textured windows           scale 1/144         € 12.00