GOL, Transportes aéreos S.A, the Brazilean regional, has become one of the biggest 737 operator in South America and is spreading its wings to many international destinations, the decals despicts all three B737 types used by this operator displaying “all logos and special markings” used by the aircraft

The fist set, The B737-700 offers all special stickers and markings during the airline operation history

gol002     Gol B737-700   with “ALL” special markings and two tail logos  scale 1/144            € 13.00

The B737-800, the new airline flagship with all data and logos

gol001                           Gol B737-800   ”Flagship”                  scale 1/144                              € 11.00

The initial type, The B737-300 with standard scheme

gol003                           Gol B737-300                                 scale 1/144                              € 9.00

order all three sets and save € 8.00!    € 25.00

all three sets gol001-003 € 25.00

another brasilean regional, BRA ( Brasil Rodo Aereo), the two sets covers all the posible variants used by all the company aircraft with convination of different markings and stickers.

                                         The first set, the Boeings 737-300 and 400

bra001         Bra Boeings 737 collection with all data                scale 1/144                              € 12.00

the Long range fleet! B767-200/300

bra002         Bra Boeings 767 collection with all data                scale 1/144                              € 12.00

The first set for the Brazilean Low cost carrier “TAM”, the sets provide the necessary parts to complete a A330-200 out of the Revell A330 or A340 -300 series, complete new sets of windows and doors included and an enlarged tail art for the “BRAZ PARTS” convertion

tam001               Tam A330-200 for the “unmodified” revell tail      scale 1/144                          € 17.00

tam002         Tam A330-200 for the “BRAZ PARTS” convertion  tail      scale 1/144                € 17.00

           The set tam002 is specially designed for the “BRAZ PARTS” Tail part convertion

set Tam001 ist designed for the Revell A340 tail, order this set if you don´t pretend to modifiy the tail

The second part of the Brazilean Tam,  the small airbus collection, from the A319 to the A321 in both, the old and new schemes wearing special stickers and logos.

the last standard scheme used by the A319

tam003                                 Tam A- 319                scale 1/144                                           € 12.00

The old scheme with the Ayrton Senna special sticker

tam004         Tam A- 319 -old schem with special stickers             scale 1/144                         € 17.00

the A320 last scheme with the Ayrton Senna sticker

tam005         Tam A- 320 new scheme with Ayrton Senna stickers           scale 1/144              € 12.00

A320 old scheme with 450 year sao paulo anniversary and Ayrton senna stickes

tam006     Tam A- 320 old scheme with Ayrton Senna and sao paulo stickers scale 1/144    € 13.00

A321, the last addition to the short, medium distances fleet

tam007                 Tam A- 321 new scheme                                 scale 1/144                     € 13.00

the Fokker 100 in three different schemes with special stickers

tam008                     Tam F-100 complete set                             scale 1/144                          € 14.00

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