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agp001     Air Guadeloupe Do228 initial scheme with full detail data     scale 1/72      € 10.00

The BWIA- west indies airways, national carrier of Trinidad and Tobago has lately introduced an amazing steel pan scheme in its entire fleet, the big decal set offers the outline designs an detail and need to be completed with a paint work for the main fuselage parts, the color must be matched with the decal to obtain an accurate finish, white undergrounds are also provided for windows, doors and detail, also a second part set for the lower fuselage offers spares for broken parts and a third set provides guideline for paint work masking.

BWI001                     B737-800 steel pan scheme                 scale 1/144                        € 17.00

Air Martinique, a caribbean commuter and ATR-42 operator, this sheet shows the first color scheme used by these aircraft including full aircraft detail data.

mtq001       Air martinique ATR-42-300  with full detail data            scale 1/144                    € 8.00

Air Guadeloupe ,another operator of the french regional aircraft, the sets provide the nesecessary decals decals to built one of the company ATRs with full detail data.

agp001     Air Guadeloupe ATR-42-200 initial scheme with full detail data    scale 1/144          € 8.00