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Tame, transportes aéreos militares, the national airline of Ecuador,have introduced a nice and colorful livery, the decal set provides the complete logos and markings, a complete paint work in necessary.

tme002               Tame A320 new livery                         scale 1/144                                        € 12.00

Icaro, a new precense in the ecuadorian market, ofering touristic and airline flights with a couple of 737-200, the decal offers complete markings, detail data and livery paintings

ica001             Icaro B737-200 std scheme                                1/144                             € 12.00

Tame, transportes aéreos militares del Ecuador, operated a sole B737-200 for aproximately eleven months until the aircraft crash landed, the decal represents the scheme used by this aircraft during its short duty by Tame.

tme001                     B737-200 standard scheme                          scale 1/144                      € 12.00

decal previev on the Airfix 737-200