The A320 set of TACA offers the posibility to build any aircraft used by this company with all promotional stickes, logos and registrations, including the logos of Cubana used shortly by one aircraft.Two different sets are offered: one with all items set in the right position related to the aircraft windows, if you don ´t want to use the kit ´s perforated windows, this will make the process of applying the decal to the model easier. The second set provides you separate data to be set in your model accordingtly, if you want to use the kits provided windows.The red crest is included, nevertheless is recommend to better paint this detail since decal adherence is not very good to the structure in this part of the model, data for masking the red crest is provided,  This set designed for the Revell kit nbr. 04201 with V2500 engines.

tac001   Taca A-320 classic scheme with   logos and stickes separated from windows 1/144   € 12.00

The second set includes the internet logos already set on windows for easy decaling, this set does not include the new ”Tarifas más bajas que nunca” stickers.

tac002 Taca A-320     classic scheme with all logos and stickes set on windows  scale 1/144   € 12.00

Decal test on Revell kit- colors slightly lighter due flash ilumination

tac003         Taca A-320 with big parrot  and windows             scale 1/144                        € 12.00

tac004           Taca A-320 with big parrot  without windows              scale 1/144                       € 12.00

The new Taca ship, the new A321with its extended capacity for high density routes. the decal offers two options, the new Parrot and the older taca titles as delivered.

Tac007           Airbus A321 with parrot and optional titles and windows      scale1/144              € 13.00

Tac008   Airbus A321 with parrot and optional titles and without windows      scale1/144        € 13.00

Taca, one of the oldest latinamerican airlines,  ist celebraing its 75th anniversary with a  special scheme

Tac009/010       Airbus A320 75th Anniversary special scheme           scale1/144                   € 13.00

with logos set on windows (as above)

without logos set on windows and with tarifas mas bajas que nunca text (as tac001)

The A300 in service of TACA Cargo

Tac011               Airbus A300 Taca Cargo                   scale1/144                               € 13.00

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