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The new series of Embraer RJ decals with selection of full detail data and livery markings.

This decals have been designed and tested for the Kurt Lehmannīs  Authentic Airliners Embraer kits 

The New Lotīs Cracow logo jet showing the Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine" on the tail

Emb-170-6                        Lotīs logo jet cracow city                     scale 1/144              € 15.00

The egyptian national airline have introduced the Emb-170 in the regional routes

Emb-170-5      EgyptAir Emb-170 with all details and white parts       scale 1/144              € 15.00

Republic Airlines, featuring this outstanding photoreal tail deco

Emb-170-1      republic airlines deer tail with full detail data       scale 1/144              € 15.00

the Lot  startalliance ship with all details with complete tail decal and optional separate tail logos

Emb-170-2        Lot.Staralliance with full detail data                    scale 1/144                     € 15.00

Alitalia, one of the first operatos of the Embrear regional jet with the classic Alitalia colors including full regdata and ship names plus optional red or metal door handles

Emb-170-3              Alitalia Emb-170 with full detail data                scale 1/144              € 15.00

Satenaīs Emb-170, the colombianīs Airforce airlines including with parts

Emb-170-4              Satena Emb-170 with full detail data                scale 1/144              € 15.00