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some pictures of models build using NAZCA-DECALS, click on the thumbnail to enlage

Air France A318 Convertion built by Air France Cpt. Gerard Caillol

Lufthansa regional ATR-42 built by Nick Berlit

Cityline Crj Built by Jens Körner

Aviancas special painting “Aviancaciones” B-727-200  built by Nick Berlit

David Griffiths Gallery

Aerolloyd A-321´s special “TRIGEMA” and Austrian StarAlliance 

the germanwings saga, the Berlinbear and the spirit of Cologne

The Alitalia A319

The Air Dolomiti ATR-42-500 by Rüdiger Hain

The Tiger Airways, ACES A320s, Berliner bear and DrukAir A319s and                       the Air Baltic B737-500 by Alan Aronoff

Aviacsa Anniversary colors by Steward Bailey

Aviandina 727 and Air Baltic Tucan F50 by Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts

SN Airlines and Fly Niki by Sebastian Adolf

Germanwings Logojets built by Steve Davis

The Turkish Airlines collection by Engin Ersan

A319 Mexicana by John Barlow

Lloyd aéreo Boliviano by George Rezvani