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Airone ist modernizing its fleet with the recent intruduced A320, the decal offers all sticker options

one003                             AirOne bae A320                         scale 1/144                          € 12.00

Air One only by transwede operated bae146-100 for the london City airport route in two tail logo options

one004                         AirOne bae 146-100                           scale 1/144                         €  12.00

Air One  hast introduced an A330-200 for international services to its fleet, the decal offer to tail options

one001                         AirOne A330-200 revel tail                           scale 1/144                          € 17.00

one001                         AirOne A330-200  braz tail                               scale 1/144                     €  17.00

Windjet, the Italian lowfare, the provide data for all the schemes used by the airlines aircraft

wnd001         windjet Airbus A320 complete collection                  1/144                                  € 11.00

Alitalia Express Erj-145 with all registrations, ship names and full detail data.

ali003a            Alitalia Express Erj-145 w/ full detail data            scale 1/144            €  9.00

Alitalia Express Erj-145 700th Erj stickes with all registrations, ship names and full detail data.

ali003a        Alitalia Express Erj-145  700th Erj stickers w/ full detail data    scale 1/144         € 9.00

Another very nice set for this aircraft,now in the colors of the italian partner of Lufthansa including all registrations and full data of stencils to build a very detailed aircraft model.

lhr003                       Air dolomiti Atr-42                           scale 1/144                                € 10.00

Another Italian set, the Alitalia partner Avianova operates 12 Atr-42s for the italian national carrier in regional routes, optional logos for Alitalia Express and Avianova and ship names are included as well as complete aircraft data and accurate forward boarding doors for this unconventional Atr configuration.

ali001       Alitalia/Avianova ATR-42-300 with complete data              scale 1/144                  €7.00

Alitalia A-319 with all registrations and ship names included

ali002                               Alitalia A-319                                   scale /144                                    €  8.00