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Interjet is adding a fleet of ten Sukhoi Super jet for regional routes

mex021                           Interjet Sukhoi RJ                       1/144                              € 12.00

The Baby bus in the last Mexicana colors including white parts

mex020                 A-318 mexicana with last colors                     1/144                      € 12.00

The second A318 version with blue Tail and white parts

mex019                 A-318 mexicana Blue Tail with white parts                     1/144                     € 12.00

Following our tradition of making mexican decals, the newest mexicana-Click F-100 and the mexicana A320 with Special titels

mex017             F-100 mexicana-Click vive mexico titles                    1/144                      € 12.00

mex018                     A320 Mexicana   vive mexico titles                     1/144                     € 12.00

The new internet adress scheme of the Mexican Aviacsa, displaying the new “compra en linea” sticker

mex016   Aviacsa new “internet” adress scheme with blue tail and data           1/144            € 12.00

The New baby Airbus from Mexicana, the A318 with door data update

mex015     Mexicana A318 baby Airbus green scheme, windows und door data scale  1/144 € 10.00

Mexicana operated a A320 with a retro desing to celebrate it´s 80 aniversary, the decal include all the necessary parts to built this aircraft acurate, inclusive curved nose lines that addapt the forward nose perfectly.

mex001       Mexicana A320 retro desing und textured windows              scale 1/144          € 10.00

test shots on the Revell kit

Another lowfare airline in the mexican market, Interjet, the decal offers all registrations and color markings

mex014                             Interjet A320                                scale 1/144                              € 12.00

test shots in the Revell kit

The newest colors used by Mexicana, this set offers the necessary data to built “one” A319 or A320 including the special 85 anniversary stickers!

mex007     Mexicana Airbuses A319/320 with extra white parts                 scale 1/144         € 13.00

preview photo on the Revell A319

The new mexican Low Fare “Volaris” or Vuela compańia de aviación, This airline plans to operate 16 Airbuses in the mexican and central american network.

mex013                 Volaris A319 new mxican Low fare                   scale  1/144                     €  12.00

The newest colors used by Mexicana, this set offers the necessary data to built the only 767-300 operated mexicana in both, the classic and new schemes with corrected window data.

mex011                   mexicana B767-300 classic scheme               scale 1/144                        € 13.00

mex012                     mexicana B767-300 new colors              scale 1/144                            € 13.00

test photos of the decals on the Revell kit tails

Another beautiful Mexican Tail, The Fokker 100, this decal provide options to built any of the company aircraft with full detail, individual ship name and registration, 80 anniversary special stickers and all logos and markings used and correction small cargo doors as well as extra emergency exit in the left side.

mex008       Mexicana Fokker 100 with full data and detail                   scale   1/144           € 12.00

the new “low Fare” carrier in the mexican market, Click by Mexicana! with full data for all the click fleet

mex009             Click Fokker 100 with full data and corrected cgo doors     scale 1/144       € 12.00

One of the nicest tail logos ever, the Aerocaribe FH-227, the set is made for the stretched F-27 kit

mex010       Aerocaribe FH-227 (Stretched F-27) with detail                     scale 1/144      € 10.00

The Boeing 757-200 set of mexicana, with its retro look and Aztec Calendar logo, also provided detail data decals

mex002               Mexicana Boeing 757-200 ”retro scheme”               scale  1/144               € 12.00

decal test on the Minicraft kit for testing purposes

Mexicana wonderful Mayan tail art with options for every single aircraft used by this airline

mex003             Mexicana A-319 latest scheme with “green mayan tail”    scale 1/144    € 8.00

with WWW.AVIACSA.COM titles

Aviacsa  (Aviación de Chiapas) workhorse B-737 with the new updated and very realistic detail set

mex004                     Aviacsa B-737 with detail set                           scale 1/144                             € 9.00

                                   Aviacsa 15th anniversary special scheme B-737-200

mex005             Aviacsa B737-200 15th Anniversary scheme                    1/144                   €12.00

The medium ranger of Aviacsa, the 727-200 with winglets and complete detail set

mex006   Aviacsa 727-200 with full detail set and winglet logos          scale 1/144            € 12.00


fit for Airfix kit


fit for authentic airliners          727without detail set         only € 10.00


other kits (MC)