Tiger airways, Singapore airlines new low cost airline with its phantastic scheme.The decal set includes two different tail arts, the complete tigered yellow  with black stripes and the second with just the black stripes if you prefer to paint the yellow tail. The fuselage logos are already set in the textured windows line to make the decaling work easier.

tig001                 Tiger Airways  A-320                   scale1/144                                        €  9.00

tig001 Tiger Airways A-320 without windows(Art fits exactly the Revell kit windows) scale1/144 € 9.00

The first set for the F-RSIN ATR72, the colorful Thai airways with full detail data and Kings birthday special markings.

tha001                 ATR-72 with full detail and special markings               1/144                             €9.00

The newcomer in the Indian market with its spectacular paint scheme....”Kingfisher”, the decal sets offers photo realistic tail and engine logos and the option to built the kit with or without textured windows.

kin001                   Kingfisher A-320 with textured windows              scale 1/144                           €  10.00

kin001b  Kingfisher A-320 without  textured windows to fit the Revell kit            scale 1/144         € 10.00

the DrukAir new colorful A-319 with a phantastic tail art, the decal can be used with or without windows

dru001                     Royal Buthan Airlines A-319                    scale 1/144                        € 10.00

The canadian regional Jazz, with its new colorfull AC schemes and full detail data with option to built one aircraft in this first set, other sets with different colors will follow soon.

The new Indian low fare, Air Deccan with optional logos

adn001               AirDeccan A320 with optional NDTV logos                   1/144                       € 12.00

jaz001             Jazz regional airlines new scheme with full detail           scale1/144               € 10.00

Qatar Airlines uses an extense Airbus fleet in its network, the decal set provide the necessary data to built one of the company Airbuses A319, A329 or A321 with all data, incluying arabian door markings!

qrt001       Qatar Airbus A319/320/321 standard scheme                   scale 1/144             € 13.00

the druckAir Bae146-100, the workhorse for hot and high airfields with detail update.

dru002       Drukair bae146-100  with detail update                scale 1/144                          € 10.00

The well known australian and asina low fare, Jetstar.com and jetstarasi.com with all regsitrations!

jst001                             Jetstar/Jetstarasi.com A320                   scale 1/144                           € 13.00

Test shots on the Revell kit

The African AirBotwswana Bae146-100s in two differents liveries and detail update

bow001     AirBotswana Bae146-100  with detail update                scale 1/144                          € 10.00

with the new “first titles and “UB” logo

mandala Airlines from Indonesia A320, nice colors, nice logo!

mdl001               Mandala Airlines A320                           scale 1/144                                         € 10.00

The QF special Rugby scheme on the B767-300

qan001                   QF B767-300 rugby special logo jet                   scale 1/144         € 17.00

The members of the Oneworld Alliance are painting their aircraft with celebration schemes

cty001               CX A340-300 in oneworld celebration scheme             scale 1/144           € 15.00

lan003   Lan oneworld speial  scheme A319 with optional photoreal tail     scale 1/144         € 13.00

Iberia shows also a new Oneworld scheme in one of her A320s

ibe001               Iberia A320 in oneworld celebration scheme             scale 1/144           € 12.00

jor001               Royal Jordanian A319in oneworld celebration scheme      scale 1/144           € 12.00

jal001             Jal B767-300 with oneworld celebrations scheme           scale 1/144          € 15.00

new cambodian Airline, Tonlesap, with ist first Airliner, The B737-300

ton001               Tonlesap Airlines The B737-300                   scale 1/144                  € 12.00

smp001                   SmallPlanet A320                        scale 1/144                  € 12.00

The new east european Charter, SmallPlanet with its outstanding scheme!

the new Flagship von Eva Air, the B777-300 in a wonderful scheme

eva001       Eva Air B777-300 special with whitw parts             scale 1/200-144       € 13.00/€ 17.00

ang001                               Air Niugini Dash 8-100                      scale1/72                             € 12.00

the regional tranporter of the national Airlines of Papua-New Guinea, to this set we recommend the Dash-8 detail set in scale 1/72, click here to add this set to your order.

The initial Saudia airlines Tristar in the green-blue scheme with all registration options

sad001/sad002                        Saudia Tristar initial colors            scale 1/144                  € 15.00

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The Emirates saga, the B777-200/300

emi001                         Emirates B777-200             scale 1/200-144                       € 11.00/€ 13.00

order in scale 1/200th

order in scale 1/144th

emi002             irates B777-200F SkyCargo             scale 1/200-144                       € 10.00/€ 13.00

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emi003     Emirates B777-300   with specials         scale 1/200-144                       € 13.00/€ 15.00

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Saudi B77-300 in the new colors

sad003                 Saudia B777-300                scale 1/144 -200                       € 13.00/15.00

order in scale 1/144th

order in scale 1/200th

sad004                 Saudia Emb-170                       scale 1/144                       € 15.00   

decal updated with Australian Flags and registration

order in scale 1/100th

Future Livery of Qatar A350-900 including different lettering for posible registrations

qrt002               Qatar Airbus A350-900 future livery                           scale 1/144              € 14.00

vau001                 Virgin Australia A330-200                                scale 1/144              € 13.00

skm001           Skymark  A330-300 plus eng detai                 scale 1/144                           € 13.00

egp001           Egyptair  A330-300 plus eng detail               scale 1/144                           € 13.00

qrt003               Qatar Airbus A350-900 Lauch Customer  livery            scale 1/144             € 14.00

This set , gives you the necessary parts for building the Launch Customer publicity livery from Qatar airways /Airbus industries. you need the original decal from Revell to complete this project

The A350 using our decals, model built by Branko Bankovic

cty002               CX B747-8F with special scheme and white parts             scale 1/144          € 20.00

Coming soon!

sin001                         Singapore Airlines A350 future scheme           scale 1/144             € 15.00

fij001                   FIJI B737-700/800 new scheme             scale 1/200-1/144             € 10.00-12.00

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