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The Dash-8-400Q Modelkit, 39 parts plus complete detail decal set

model  sculpting by Ernesto  Ponte,  casting by Dony Alva  and marketing and decals by  Gastón Roca

here are the first preview pictures of the new Dash-8-400 resin modelkit, the main fuselage, wings and tail part will follow in the casting process soon, we are working hard to enhace the detail and accuracy in all parts, including landing gear and props, more pictures wil be published as they become available, now AVAILABLE

Props and spinners

small parts, antennas, nose gear parts and doors

main gear door and parts

flaps empenage and ready prop and spinner on engine nacele

dash-8-400-kit         resin kit plus detail set                       scale 1/144                             € 40.00

Pictures of the buliding process   (model built by  Sebastian Adolf)

Further preview pictures

diffenetviews of the partially ready bulit kit with mounted engine propellers and spinner and horizontal stab.

upper picture-right hand side view of the main fuselage

bottom picture-left  hand side view of the main fuselage

left picture-overview of the mail fuselage





right picture-front view of the main fuselage





bottom view-tail detail showing apu exhaust detail

first planed versions:



-Lufthansa Regional/Augsburg Airways


-Austrian Arrows





and some others