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The Tarom´s long range workhorse, the airbus A310 in two different versions

tar008                       Tarom A310 new colors                scale 1/144                  € 13.00

tar007                       Tarom A310 old colors                    scale 1/144                           € 13.00

the tarom´s regional turboprop, the atr-42 with full data detail set

tar006   Tarom ATR-42 with full detail data and white and silver parts            scale 1/144       € 13.00

The workhorse of the Tarom fleet, the B737-300 with options for two versions

tar004                 Tarom B737-300 standard and last scheme           scale 1/144                       € 13.00

The Taroms new 737- 700 and 800

tar005                 Tarom B737-700 standard scheme                  scale 1/144                       € 12.00

tar003             Tarom B737-800 standard scheme              scale 1/144                      € 12.00

The 50 years anniversary celebration B737-700 retro jet

tar002     Tarom B737-700 retro 50 years anniversary celebration       scale 1/144        € 12.00

Tarom, The national rumanian Airline new baby Bus

tar001   Tarom A318 baby Bus with ship names and reg options      scale 1/144        € 13.00

Carpat air, the regional airline of Rumania goes jetset with a Fokker 100, the decal offers optional with arts if you wish to paint the green tail surface.

car001     Carpatair F-100   with optional white logos and detail update      scale 1/144         € 10.00