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ibe004                 Iberia  Express A320  new and old scheme       scale 1/144th                    € 12.00

ibe005                   Iberia DC-10  classic scheme                  scale 1/144th/200th      € 13.00/11.00

order in scale 1/144

order in scale 1/200

ibe003                   Iberia A330-300 new scheme                 scale 1/144th                    € 12.00

The nr 1 Charter airline of Spain now in a decal set

vue001       Vueling A320 with special “Gracias-Thanks” stickers     scale 1/144th                   € 13.00

order in scale 1/144

order in scale 1/200

fotos of the decal test on the Revell A320

the individual pictures are the original used in the real aircraft

we recommend to cut slightly the decal on the carrier paper upon appliance to help the decal film to adappt easily the kit surfaces

The workhorses of the spanish and european traffic, The A319-320 and 321

ibe002                   Iberia A319 with special stickers                  scale 1/144th                    € 12.00

The spanair set offers the complete collection of any airbus A320/321 flown by the airline, you can built two kits out of this set, one A320 and a 321

spa001               Spanair Airbuses collection with all logos                 scale 1/1                         € 14.00

Another new spanisch low fair airline, Air Asturias with al markings and white parts

ast001                             Air Asturias A320                        scale 1/144                                   € 10.00

The new lowfair airline from Iberia ClickAir with its phantastic color scheme and all markings

cli001                         ClickAir A320                                    scale 1/144                                       € 13.00