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the complete Swiss A330-200/300  collection, old and new logos, with all registration and names, typical update data for fuselage doors and cargo markings only used by the Swiss aircraft, the Revell kit includes all necessary general aircraft detail and was also designed by Nazca

sws003       swiss A330-200/300 with  special markings and detail update  scale  1/144   € 18.00

Swiss ist introducing a new destination to san Francisco! and a new special scheme to celebrate it

sws002               swiss A340 special scheme “ San Francisco”         scale 1/144                € 18.00

preview shots of the decal on the Revell A340-300, the colors and some detail have been corrected

swiss has painted one of its Airbuses for the european 2008 soccer competition, the set offers complete photo real and update data to complete this amazing aircraft.

sws001               swiss A320 special fussball scheme              scale  1/144                               € 16.00

test photo of the decal on the revell kit

Helvetic, the new look of the swiss low fare airlines with a swissair typed scheme.

hel001               Helvelic F-100s new colors                        scale 1/144                                        € 9.00

A new swiss tryout, prishtina Airlines with its very interesting scheme and the posibility to choose between a decal set with or without textured windows

pri001               Airprishtina A-320 with textured windows             scale 1/144                        € 9.00

pri001b  Airprishtina A-320 without textured windows-fits the Revell kit     scale  1/144             € 9.00