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The new Sun Express 20 th anniversary special scheme

sux005       SunExpress B737-800 special 20th anniversary             scale 1/144th               € 13.00

the newest Turkish airlines (Jet Airways) B-777-300 in the old livery with detail update

tur012               Turkish Airlines B777-300                       scale 1/200th and 1/144th         € 13.00/17.00



The new Turkish charter, Air Turkuaz

atk001               Air Turkuaz A320 classic                       scale 1/144th                              € 12.00

The special “turkey cities” schemed  B737-800 of sunexpress

sux004                 SunExpress B737-800 cities special              scale 1/144th                € 13.00

The Turkish airlines “star-alliance” ship

tur011                   Turkish airlines A340-300 Staralliance             scale 1/144th                       € 17.00

sul001                                 SultanAir B737-200                     scale 1/144                         € 13.00        

the Skyairlines aircraft with its fantastic tail art , with all special logos and markings

sky008                                     Sky A321 red                                scale 1/144                         € 13.00        

sky007                                     Sky A320 green                            scale 1/144                        € 13.00       

sky006                                     Sky A320 yellow                               scale 1/144                         € 13.00        

sky005                                     Sky B737-400 blue Adam & eve        scale 1/144                         € 13.00

sky004                   Sky B737-400 Orange with special stickers      scale 1/144                         € 13.00

Sky B737-400 GOLD, two versions available, with “simulated” laser printed gold and real alps GOLD

sky009     Sky B737-400 GOLD with laser printed decals (no real gold color)    scale 1/144    € 13.00

the black eagle, one of the nicest “colored” B Sky´s 737-400

sky003                           Sky Black eagle B737-400               scale 1/144                         € 13.00        

The only B737-800 in the Sky fleet

sky003                           Sky Turquoise B737-400              scale 1/144                        € 13.00       

ACT, the turkish Freighter! with side cargo door and detail update

act001                   ACT A300 with detail update and cgo doors     scale 1/144th                     € 15.00

The Turkish charter flyer Pegasus B737s with all logos and markings

peg001                   pegasus B737-400 classic scheme             scale 1/144th                        € 13.00

peg002                 pegasus B737-800 classic scheme              scale 1/144th                         € 13.00

The pegasus Beko B737-800 logojet

peg004                     pegasus B737-800 beko logo jet                                scale 1/144th         € 14.00

The pegasus Beko B737-400 logojet with white parts

peg003           pegasus B737-400 beko logo jet with white parts           scale 1/144th          € 15.00

a new addition to the Turkish Airlines fleet, The Airbus A310 with three different versions and cargo door

tur010         Turkish airlines A310-300 with three versions and cgo door    scale 1/144th         € 17.00

Sunexpress, the turkish holiday flyer!

Boeing 737-300/400

sux002                 SunExpress B737-700/800 standard scheme               scale 1/144th            € 13.00

Boeing 737-300/400

sux003               SunExpress B737-300/400 standard scheme                scale 1/144th             € 11.00

sux001                   SunExpress B757-200 standard scheme                scale 1/144th             € 12.00

Another Turkish Airlines set, The A330-200, including complete sets of Windows and doors for the modified A330 or A340-300  Revell KIT with or without the “BRAZ PARTS” convertion tail

The first set, tur007, ist designed for the “unmodified” revell tail

tur007         Turkish airlines A330-200 for the “unmodified” Revel tail       scale 1/144th             € 17.00

The second set, tur008, ist specially designed for the “BRAZ PARTS” convertion tail part “highly recomended”

tur008   Turkish airlines A330-200 for the “BRAZ PARTS” convertion tail     scale 1/144th       € 17.00

The tukish charter flyer SKY offer uses one of their ships to promote the new Adam&Eve resorts

sky001                   Sky Adam& Eve special logo jet                     scale 1/144                         € 15.00        

The turkish airlines flagship, the A-340-300 in both versions, old and new schemes

tur005     Turkish airlines A340-300 old and new schemes          scale 1/144th                   € 17.00

Turkish airlines regional jets, the Avros RJ100/70 with windows and detail update.

tur006                   Turkish airlines Regional Jets RJ100/70      scale 1/144th                  € 13.00

The latest additions in the freebird fleet with three new colorful tail schemes and the two Airbuses A321

frb004                 freebird A-320 new dark blue scheme                        scale 1/144                    € 12.00

frb005                   freebird A-321 new dark green scheme                      scale 1/144                   € 13.00

frb006                   freebird A-321 new dark Ochre scheme                      scale 1/144                   € 13.00

Birgenair, turkish charter on the european-caribbean traffic fatidically crashed in Feb 1996 in the Dominican republic

bir001                     Birgenair B757-200 mit detail update                      scale 1/144                    € 13.00

The Onur Air, one of the well known turkish charter airlines, the decal offers options to built all the small airbuses from the A320 to 321 used by this airline in the different scheme configurations, old and new.

Onur001            Onur Air small Airbus complete collection                    scale 1/144                   € 13.00

The turkish airlines B737-800 with all logos used since the aircraft was introduced (new and old logos), special markings, showing also the new special 100th produced 800 nice art, all ship names,winglets  decals, registrations, updated “cfm” engine logos and  fuselage tulip art.

tur004           Turkish Airlines B737-800 with all logos and markings     scale 1/144                  € 13.00

The new Turkish Airlines A-320 Retro scheme

tur001           Turkish Airlines A-320 “retro scheme”                       scale 1/144                  € 13.00

test shots of the unfinished decal

izm001                   Izmir Airlines A-319                                                 scale 1/144                  € 11.00

The newest official goverment VIP transport Airbus A319 of the Turkish republic

tur002           Turkish goverment A319 VIP transport  with textured windows    scale 1/144    € 11.00

tur003     Turkish goverment A319 VIP transport without windows          scale 1/144          € 11.00

another turkish holiday flyer, the Freebird in three different schemes

frb001                   freebird A-320 classic scheme                           scale 1/144                    € 10.00

frb002                   freebird A-320 new blues cheme                            scale 1/144                   € 12.00

frb003                 freebird A-320 new orange scheme                           scale 1/144                    € 12.00

preview shots

The Turkish Charte A-320. wearing its new own “credit card” publicity on the fuselage with all ship registrations and turkish stencils

atj001             Atlasjet A-320 with creditcard and turkish stencils               scale 1/144                  €10.00

atj001b    Atlasjet A-320 with creditcard and turkish stencils -without windows  scale 1/144      €10.00

atj002             Atlasjet A-320 new tail art without creditcard              scale 1/144                  €10.00

atj002b  Atlasjet A-320 new tail art without creditcard and without windows     scale 1/144         €10.00

One of the nicest turkish schemes ever, the Fly Air “Corendon” flyers with options for all aircraft operated

cor001                   Fly Air 737-300 special corendon titles                  scale 1/144                €13.00

pls advice which kit are you using for this project

cor002                   Fly Air 757-200 special corendon titles                  scale 1/144                €13.00