The Piedmont YS-11 set include the necessary decals to bulit the kit with the classic scheme and offers also lots of detail data to superdetail the aircraft.

pie001         Piedmont YS-11           classic scheme + detail              scale1/144                      € 12.00

some examples of the decal applied on the doyusha kit for testing purposes (note: it is not the final product - some corrections are still to be made)

The Regional operator Airwisconsin metroliners II and III with detail data and testured windshied and windows and registrations for five different aircraft.tzhe set has been designed for the fabulous “in formation parts” metro     CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE

awc001   Airwisconsin metros II and III with detail                  scale 1/144                               € 7.00

another regional commuter with a phantastic scheme, again with two options for the two versions flown by the company, the II and III and nice textured windows.

sun001   Sunaire metros II and III with detail and two window options        scale 1/144                 € 8.00

the decal on the IN FORMATION PARTS Metro

The regional operator Airresort metroliner in the service of TW express with four different registration and detail data

twe001                                 Airresort Metros                          scale  1/144                             € 7.00     

the Alaskan workhorse, The B737-200 with its practical side cargo door

alk001-3     Alaskan B737-200 with side cargo door and details        scale1/144-72   € 12.00/18.00

pie001B          Piedmont YS-11          classic scheme + detail              scale1/72                  € 17.00

alk002         Alaskan B737-400 side cargo door and details update      scale1/144                 € 5.00

unt001                           UA A320 retro                         scale1/144                                € 12.00

The Frontier baby Buses ( A318) in five different versions

fro001                             A318 Bambi                        scale1/144                                 € 12.00

fro002                             A318 Bear                       scale1/144                                  € 12.00

fro003                             A318 Porcupine                      scale1/144                                  € 12.00

fro004                           A318 Cougar                    scale1/144                                 € 12.00

fro005                           A318 Rabbit                    scale1/144                                  € 12.00

coe001                           Continental Express Dash-8                    scale1/72                              € 12.00

decal for the Hobbycraft 1/72 Dash-8-100

The Panda Express, including white parts and detail update

fed001             panda express B777F with details  and white parts      scale1/144                     € 15.00

produced and printed exclusively by Calcomanias Suramericanas

fed002             panda express B777F with details  and white parts      scale1/200                     € 12.00

to this set we recommend the Dash-8 detail set, click here to go to detail sets  page

The flying operating room DC-10  from the Orbis organization in two different schemes

orb001                         Orbis DC-10 in two versions                   scale1/144                    € 13.00

orb001                         Orbis DC-10 in two versions                   scale1/200                    € 10.00

order scale 1/144

order scale 1/72

AA new livery

aal003           AA B777-300 with new livery and detail update      scale1/144-200       € 17.00-15.00

order in scale 1/144

order in scale 1/144

aal004                 AA B767-300 with new livery                     scale1/144                    €  15.00

produced and printed exclusively by Calcomanias Suramericanas

aal005               AA B737-800 with new livery and detail update           scale1/144           € 15.00

order in scale 1/200

aal006               AA A319   with new livery and detail update           scale1/144      € 15.00

fotos of the ready built model kit by Marco Coldewey

aal0010               AA A350   with new livery                   scale1/144                         € 15.00

aal009               AA A380   with new livery                                     scale1/144                        € 20.00

the AA A380 flight of fancy

the AA A350 flight of fancy

the Special B747-8F in the Seattle Seahawks colors

haw001                 B747-8F Seahawks special                    scale1/144                        € 15.00

boe001                 B747-8F Boeing special                    scale1/144                        € 15.00

pan001                 B747-8F Panalpina Air Cargo                   scale1/144                         € 15.00

pol001                 B747-8F Polar Air Cargo                   scale1/144                         € 15.00

in colaboration with