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The Uruguayan Pluna Boeing 737-200 set in its last scheme, with all four registrations, detail parts and white backgrounds to avoid transparency of decal in  dark parts of model.

plu001                  Pluna 737-200                       last scheme          scale1/144                   € 12.00

The New Urugayan regional Airline Uair with its beatifully painted Fokker 100, any set contains the complete data to build the aircraft using the provided textured or kit windows and full detail data

uar001                Uair Fokker F-100 stripes livery and full data              scale 1/144                 €  12.00

uar002         Uair Fokker F-100 circles livery and full data             scale  1/144                   €   12.00

since the Revell F-100 kit doesn´t represent the version used by Uair, you will need to fill the last part of windows at the left side and replace them with  the provided rear exit and windows, we recommend to replace the complete row behind the center emergency exits for easy decal fitting as seen in the picture below.

preview of the decals on the revell kit for testing