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Viasa, the former national Airline of Venezuela used the DC-10 in its major longhaul operations, this decal depicts the second color scheme used by those aircraft with full detail data

via001         Viasa MDD DC-10 second scheme with full detail data     scale 1/144                    €15.00

Rutaca, The venezuelan Regional has expanded his wings to some interesting destinations in the caribbean and latin America, lately, one of the fleet 737-200 adopted an interesting scheme als offical carrier of the Venuezuela national soccer team, la Vinotinto (red wine), called this way due their typical redwine color tricot, the aircraft scheme additional publicity titles are also provided.

ruc001         Rutaca “vinotinto” B-737-200 with aircraft detail           scale 1/144                   €12.00

The Rutaca 737-200 standard scheme with the both registrations used by the company ships

ruc002         Rutaca standard B-737-200  with aircraft detail              scale 1/144                   €10.00